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  • cam shaft

    In internal combustion engines with pistons, the camshaft is used to operate poppet valves. It then consists of a cylindrical rod running the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes protruding from it, one for each valve. The cams force the valves open by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism as they rotate.

  • cam shaft

    The PCV valve is only one part of the PCV system, which is essentially a variable and calibrated air leak, whereby the engine returns its crankcase combustion gases. Instead of the gases being vented to the atmosphere, gases are fed back into the intake manifold, to re-enter the combustion chamber as part of a fresh charge of air and fuel.

  • cam shaft

    This is an engine after spin turbine by using discharge gas pressure of engine which occur from internal combustion engine as a necessity and using this turning force, push inhaling air in more high-pressure than air pressure to increase power.